A personal note from our Founders Joep & Grace

Benefits of Expat Academy

Not just any online course platform ...

  • A personal 1:1 session with the instructor is included in every individual course

  • Community support by joining our Facebook Group

  • We regularly host free webinars where you can learn vital skills

  • Made specifically for expats like you to make your journey smoother & more successful

Coming Soon ...

We are currently working hard to expand the courses which you can enrol in here at Expat Academy. Stay tuned for more courses relevant for expats soon, in areas such as relocation, language, taxation, socializing, dating, food, and more! 

Do you want to contribute to this initiative? Click "Become A Teacher" in the site menu and let's make your course become a reality!

The Very First Student


"As the first joinee of this course, I have to say the material is super nice, structured and helpful. Highly recommend!"

Founders of Expat Academy

Business Coach

Joep van Deutekom

Joep van Deutekom is a lifelong entrepreneur with an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management. He is the founder of the 'Expat Opportunities' Facebook group and helps expats get clarity & drives revenue as their business coach.

Career Coach

Grace Ge

Grace came to the Netherlands as an expat more than a decade ago, and has worked in many senior HR roles. She uses this knowledge to help young professional expats find their dream job in the Netherlands.