How I Can Help You Socialize Effectively in the Netherlands

Course Overview

Learn how to socialize in the Netherlands

  • 7 modules with concise video lessons of 3-10 minutes that you can view in your own time with powerful trainings detailing the exact formula for an amazing socializing experience

  • Powerful assignments so that you know exactly what to work on to make your socializing as rewarding as it can be

  • A coaching session with the instructor personally to discuss your socialization challenges and help you reach your goals

Learning Objectives

  • Friends & Networking

    Learn how to make friends, network effectively, and dating basics, using the right platforms, tools, and approaches.

  • Volunteering

    Discover the benefits of volunteering in the Netherlands and how it can contribute to the development of your socialization skills.

  • Mindset & Approach

    Learn how to have a mindset that helps your socializing journey. Set goals that allow you to track and build more meaningful relationships.



Vanessa Christina Dsouza

Vanessa is an employee engagement consultant who went through all aspects of socializing in the Netherlands as an expat, and is now teaching others how to do so effectively.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To The Course!

  • 2

    How To Create An Impactful Conversation

    • How To Create An Impactful Conversation

    • Assignment: Your Background & Goals

    • Quiz: Impactful Introduction

  • 3

    Looking for Friends in the Netherlands

    • How to find Friends in the Netherlands

    • Assignment: Looking For Friends

    • Resource: Useful Websites For Networking

  • 4

    Meeting New People Professionally

    • Groups & Platforms To Connect To Others Professionally

    • Assignment: Connect With Someone

  • 5

    Dating in the Netherlands

    • The Basics Of Dating

    • Assignment: Your Dating Profile

  • 6

    Volunteering in the Netherlands

    • Benefits & Experiences Of Volunteering

    • Assignment: Finding Volunteering Opportunities

  • 7

    Mindset For Networking

    • Fundamentals & Goals

    • Assignment: Create Your Own Goals

  • 8

    Bonus: Your One-on-one Session

    • Your Session

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is it that you can help with socializing in the Netherlands?

    I came to the Netherlands many years ago and studied, worked, and volunteered there. I struggled in making friends, networking, and dating, and had to learn how to improve these through a lot of effort. I'd like your journey to be easier by teaching you what I've learned over the years.

  • Is this just an online course or does it include more?

    The course consists of online videos, assignments, but also a one on one LIVE session with me personally, where we can go over your assignments and you can ask me any questions you have about networking, making friends, dating, volunteering. or other socialization topics.

  • Can I work with you personally?

    Included in this offer is the possibility to schedule a 1:1 meeting with me after going through the course. However, this is limited due to my schedule, and may not be available anymore. Please check the offer section for more details.

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