Finding A Job

Finding a job can be excruciatingly difficult. Especially when you don't speak Dutch in the Netherlands. Grace can help you, for instance with a free consultation.

Start A Business

It's not easy to start your own business and get your first few clients. Looking for some support? Schedule a free consultation with Joep on his website.

Business Support

Julie Taylor & Louisa Stewart are Blue Ninja Business Support. We provide Online Business Management to help small & medium sized companies reach their growth and profit potential with our bespoke services. We help start-ups to scaleup by providing the rights skills at the right time.

Moving Abroad

Deborah helps expats and expats-to-be so they can overcome the challenges of a move and create their best life abroad.

International Communication

Vanessa helps cross-cultural teams to communicate effectively and prepares expats for living and working in the UK. She also provide assistance in managing the dynamics of international classrooms and facilitating cross-cultural student exchange programs. Building cultural bridges is her playing field!